Show Acts


Manitowish Waters Skiing Skeeters Various Water Ski Acts:


Barefooting is one of the core aspects to the Skiing Skeeters and is performed in many different ways. Some of the tricks seen during the show include:

Opening One Foot- stepping out of slalom ski onto bare feet at speeds around 50mph. Once on their feet, the skiers lift one foot to wave hello to everyone on shore.

Barefoot Cut Under- This act  is performed at about 40mph, One of the clubs finest jumpers hits the ramp and pops off attempting to attain maximum height and distance while in the air. At the same time, a barefooter will cut underneath the jumper before the airborne jumper lands.

Back Deep Barefoot- A barefoot starting position in which, with out the aid of skis, enables the barefooter to assume the backwards barefooting position before the boat takes off.

Multiple Barefoot- Usually is performed as the last act of the show, several barefooters behind both boats will jump out of their skies and create a wall of spray while skiing toward shore.

Other barefooting acts include holding the rope with one foot, performing 180 and 360 degree turns while staying behind the boat, tumble turns which have the barefooter "rolling over" and landing back on bare feet, two ski jump out is just that, jumping out of two skis at one time landing on bare feet, and so many other tricks that the skiers have been practicing.


Ballet is one of the most graceful acts in our show. This act consists of the lovely Skeeterettes performing a series of synchronized dance ballet moves gracefully over the water.

Mixed Doubles:

This act originated from ice skating, and is as graceful as the ballet act. This performance combines the strength and action of gymnastics with the grace and beauty of ballet.

Saucer Act: 

This is one act many beginning skiers start with as a learning tool. Based on the skill of the skier, variations of dificulty can be demonstrated such as turning around in one place, standing from kneeling position, and even standing on your head! The skeeters saucer act deminstrates a skier standing on a stool. The stool is placed ontop of the saucer, placing the skier about 4 feet from the water surface and turning in circles. This act is only performed by a handful of skiers around the world.

Rope Braid:

A very dangerous act that is performed here is the Rope Braid. This act usually contains 4 skiers using ropes of various lengths, weaving back and forth across teh wake. The tric is to avoid the other skier's ropes and spray while cutting under to actuall braid the rope as the skiers zoom through the show course. This act creates the toughest ropes to untangle.


This is a true show act displaying the grace and skill of our bravest skiers. The Skeeters and Skeeterettes will drop skis as they climb on to one another to form various pyramids of different sizes.

Trick Skiing:

Trick skis, which are small in size, have no stabilizing fin wich allows the skier to perform may different tricks. This is much harder than it looks, but we are lucky enough to have one of the best performing on Rest Lake's Shores!

Human Skis:

That's right, Human Skis! Two willing skiers providing their services to become skis hold onto a long bar attached to a rope. The smallest bravest skier will climb on the backs of the human skis, holding a rope attached to the rope of the skis. This is quite dangerous, but the skis and skiers know what they are doing!

Slalom 360:

This act combins skill and grace as the skier cuts back and forth across the wake on a single ski. The boat driver makes it more difficult by whipping the skier 360 degrees around the boat. This act may be seen during the show with One, two, or even three skiers at a time.

Backward 360:

Starting backwards on a slalom ski, a veteran member of the club, "The Professor of the Slalom Ski," performs a 360 degree turn around the boat while skiing backwards. The Professor is one of the few people in the country that can complete this act because of its high degree of difficulty.


Wakeboarding has quickly become one of the most exciting water sports of our time. While being relatively new as a sport, it has progressed a great deal over the last few years and it's "new school" tricks are a great addition to the show. Such tricks include: revert, scarecrow, air relay, and tantrum. Don't understand the lingo? Watch and see!


Emerging along with wakeboarding, wakeskating used the same fundementals but without bindings. This is extremely hard but our wake skaters are progressing just as fast as teh sport itself and it is an exciting act to watch.


One of the newest additions to the show, wakesurfing has put a whole new spin on water sports. This act actually uses no rope and relies on only the wave that the boat creates while in motion.  The skier actually "surfs" the wave through the show course.

Canoe Paddle:

This is a technical act where an ordinary canoe paddle becomes a ski. This paddle has no bindings to place the foot in, therefore it is hard to stand on it. Another similar trick is using Ping Pong Paddles.


One of the newest types of water sports. The hydrofoiler sits on the ski just like a stool with their feet and waist strapped to the board, and uses very minute moves to glide gracefully through the water on the hydrofoil, not even using a ski.  Once a master of using the hydrofoil, one can advance to flips, and other aerials that take many hours of devotion and practice, which makes this act one of a kind.

Clown Act:

Manitowish Waters is home to the "Amazing Schwantecs". This group of misfit skiers think they can ski better than most professional skiers, but manage to get many laughs instead by attempting to create gracefull jumps of the ski jump. They are defineatly a show of their own!

Boat Introductions:

Our shows wouldn't be possible without the skill of our boat drivers. At the beginning of the show, the boat drivers are introduced and show of their skills at high rates of speed, and spin. Always interesting to see what they will do next!


There are variations to skiing the acts listed. Such variations included but not limited to are: Swivel Skiing, in which the binding can swivel while the skier performs graceful spins, turns, and well ballet type moves. Slalom Course Skiing, is an act that the skier wavers back and forth behind the boat spraying at each turn in tournament style. Juggling, this involves a skier on a slalom ski holding the rope with free foot and juggles whatever is available. Barrel rolls are also performed on slalom skiing, where the skier "rolls" on the water and lands back on the slalom ski. Jumpers sometimes flip, do helicopters (spinning in air) and try to out jump the others in distance. There is so much more to experience!

Most skiers start off from the pier either sitting, standing or jumping in the water next to it. Some start off standing on the beach, or jumping barefoot off the ski jump. You never know where the next act will begin from.

Created by CWS Tech Group